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Sonsio's Customized RepairGuard™ Warranty Extender Program:

Our RepairGuard™ Warranty Extender program takes the original written parts and labor warranty and extends it beyond the normal coverage period. As with Sonsio's other programs, the RepairGuard™ Warranty Extender can be customized specifically to give you a competitive edge, increase your profit margin, and improve customer loyalty and retention with no additional risk on your part.

There are a number of ways RepairGuard™ can be provided to the customer: as an extended warranty sold at the time of the repair, as a benefit of product purchase, as a benefit of membership, or as a benefit of payment method used to pay for the original repair (example: using a specific credit card). No matter how you provide RepairGuard™ to your customers, it is a powerful added benefit that will prove to be an excellent customer retention tool!

RepairGuard™ may be offered as a stand-alone product, or in combination with other Sonsio products in a product bundle.

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