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Live Chat Administration

If you have a website, you may be losing customers by not offering live customer service and support so your visitors can access the information they need readily available to make important buying decisions about your automotive products and/or services.

Sonsio can work with you to provide a custom chat window for your online customers. Our chat solution is powered by personal support from real people. This gives you the opportunity to offer visitors the ability to ask questions real time, improving visitor satisfaction and maximizing your sales.

Here are some examples:
— “There are three different alternators listed for my car. How do I know which one I really need?”
— “What’s the difference between all of the types of brake pads available for my vehicle?”

We can help answer difficult questions like these... The success of a live chat session has more to do with the agent than with anything else. Our mechanical technicians offer years of automotive experience to support your business.

Sonsio's Live Chat Admin Capabilities may be offered as a stand-alone product, or in combination with other Sonsio products in a product bundle.

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