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Even with the large amount of information available on the internet, people still struggle to make the right decision when buying a vehicle. It’s often very complicated and intimidating for most people. And it is one of the larger purchases we make as consumers. MyCarsultant™ is designed to help simplify the process and give the customer total confidence when purchasing a vehicle.

Sonsio’s ASE Certified Master Technicians assist members in making an informed and empowered decision. As part of the MyCarsultant™ Program, members receive detailed information and reports about: vehicle features, comparison pricing, ownership costs, maintenance schedules, recalls and technical service bulletins, as well as a Used Car Checklist, Inspection Form, and support in understanding what all of these things mean in easy-to-comprehend terms.

MyCarsultant™ Used Car Buying Assistant may be offered as a stand-alone product, or in combination with other Sonsio products in a product bundle.

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