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Roadside Assistance

The Most Powerful Method To Keep Your Consumers Coming Back...
For About the Cost of a Postage Stamp

We've made it easy for you to offer our Roadside Assistance program to your consumers, and even easier for your consumers to access help anytime, day or night, with a flat, lost keys, empty tanks, a dead battery or for a tow. Plus, it is your choice whether you'd like to increase repeat visits using the 90-day option, or whether you prefer to use the 365-day version. The program includes a variety of training and point-of-sale materials to help you effectively advertise to your consumers!

Available immediately, you can give every consumer who walks through your doors the same tow-to-safety, lock-out aid, battery jump start, emergency fuel delivery, and flat tire changing assistance program normally reserved for people who pay over $89 a year.

Your consumer extends their benefit coverage by returning to your shop for additional work and maintenance putting valuable service dollars in your pocket!

Two FREE Months For Qualifying Dealers

Prove it to yourself. Use Sonsio's Roadside Assistance and see for yourself how the consumers in your marketplace will respond. If you don't see the benefit, you can cancel at any time. and, of course, consumers who received the program coverage prior to the cancellation date are covered through the end of their term.

Sonsio's Roadside Assistance may be offered as a stand-alone product or in combination with other Sonsio Vehicle Protection benefits.

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